Our Vision

We are nurturing a community of people who are kind, curious, and resilient. We support each other and share a love for learning.

In order to achieve this, we are committed to building our collective efficacy towards:

  • Positive School Culture: We work to deliberately build relationships with students and each other in order to create a positive school community, celebrate successes as a community, and are committed to restorative practices.

  • High Expectations: We believe that our students, staff, and families are capable of greatness. We bring urgency to our work, focused on rigorous, engaging, standards-based lessons in every class, every day.

  • Continued Learning: Our adults lead with a commitment to ongoing learning and reflection. We learn through collaborating, professional learning communities, engaging in data driven instruction cycles, and aren’t afraid to struggle, so long as we learn from it.

  • Exemplary Citizenship: In order to thrive, Nystrom students must develop character and academic skills. We explicitly teach our core values of kindness, hope, perseverance, self-control and curiosity.

  • Family Involvement: We strive to welcome all families into the Nystrom community, earn their trust, and partner with them to better our school and broader community.