About Nystrom Elementary

Nystrom is a Title 1 preschool-6th grade elementary school located in Richmond, California, part of West Contra Costa Unified School District. With approximately 500 students, Nystrom has a rich history, dating back to its opening in 1908. Nystrom's ties to the Kaiser shipyards in World War II earn it a spot on the US National Register of Historic Places. Nystrom's historic campus was remodeled in 2016, and features many of the original qualities, including the original hardwood floors on the second floor.

More recently, Nystrom's academic growth has been rooted in a belief in collective efficacy: the collective belief that we can positively impact students. Since 2015, no school in West Contra Costa -- district or charter -- has shown more combined growth on SBAC.

We are incredibly proud of our growth, we recognize we need to continue focusing on accelerating the achievement growth of our students. In order to do so, we are committed to the use of high quality instructional materials. In 2019/20 Nystrom adopted EL Education as our ELA curriculum. In 2020/21 Nystrom adopted Illustrative Mathematics.

Nystrom is fortunate to have a number of foundations and organizations that support our work. Learn more about those supporters and partnerships here.